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      How to test the hardness of carbon fiber tube?

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      As for the hardness and strength of carbon fiber tube materials, some people are confused and think they are the same concept,

      Strength actually refers to the ability of a material to resist fracture and plastic deformation under the action of external forces,

      Hardness is a comprehensive index, including strength, elasticity, plasticity and other aspects. As we all know,

      The tensile strength of the carbon fiber tube is more than 3000MPa, so how hard is it?

      Carbon fiber is preoxidized and carbonized by other fibers, while carbon tube is pulled and wound.

      There are no lines on the surface of the pultrusion tube, which is relatively less used. Twined tube can be made into twill tube and plain tube according to different technology, which has a beautiful appearance.
      Carbon fiber tubes are widely used for fishing rods, rackets, golf clubs, sailing masts, flagpoles, as well as mechanical parts and scaffolding.
      Carbon fiber tube brittleness, hardness is not very high, if the ordinary shear processing is no problem, you should pay attention to drilling.
      When punching, the impact is concentrated in a single point, a small error, the pipe will be broken.
      Some carbon fiber tube manufacturers do not provide punch service, which requires high technical requirements, scrap rate is also very high.
      Dongguan xiechuang composite materials co., LTD. Has purchased the latest equipment from foreign countries, and experienced workers operate it by hand.
      Dongguan xiechuang composite material co., LTD can customize carbon fiber tube and carbon fiber tube machining parts according to customer's requirements.
      Come to the drawing or tell us your requirements. We have the latest production equipment and technology, so we don't have to worry about the quality problem.
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